Privacy Policy of TutorDudes

At TutorDudes, We collect and manage user data according to the following Privacy Policy.

Data Collected

We collect certain personally identifiable information like (Username, email address, and profile picture) to enhance your experience. We may ask that you verify your email address before joining. This is to ensure your account's safety. We may use third-party tools to track user data and other trends such as your status, notifications of sessions, security of accounts, and other updates in use.

We use a third-party payment merchant system "Paddle" to handle purchases and keep the card information as part of your membership once you log in.

This website uses its own "cookies" to increase user-friendliness ("cookies" are data records that are sent from the webserver to the user's browser and stored there for later retrieval). No personal data is stored in our own "cookies". You can prevent the use of "cookies" if you prohibit the storage of "cookies" in your browser using your system preferences. You may elect to decline all cookies via your computer. Every computer has the ability to decline file downloads like cookies. Your browser has an option to enable the declining of cookies.


Our sites use SSL, hashing, scripting, and encryption services to help protect your account. We frequently update and secure information. With that being said, no transmission of data can be completely secure. TutorDudes will not be held responsible for data breaches, leaks, or hacks committed.


We offer our users peace of mind. While surfing, users have the right to deactivate their account and account at any time. Please note, once this function is triggered, it will erase all account information from our systems and will immediately log you out.


All Membership plans are billed monthly, this is to ensure TDULTRA, our educational E-learning Session is updated and created specifically to suit your learning style and to find great tutors. Tutoring sessions are hourly. They will be billed outside of your monthly membership fee, yet are subsidized to fit any budget. Our Tutor Dudes and Tutor Dudettes will ensure your session quality. All tutoring sessions backed by TutorDudes: "Satisfaction Promise."


We are proud to offer our members a "Satisfaction Promise" ensuring members that they may obtain a refund from an unsatisfactory session with their tutor so long as their reason is fair and sensible. Send an email documenting your concern and if approved, give 24-48 hours for a refund to be transferred to the card on file through Paddle.

Amends to This Policy

TutorDudes reserves the right to add, change, or remove information at any time. Members are encouraged to check back often. By creating an account, you agree to be bound by this policy.