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Gender : Tutor Dude
Subject Specialization(s) : Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Computer Science
Grade : Graduate
Learning Style : Visual
Hourly Rate : 16


Gender : None
Subject Specialization(s) : Microbiology
Grade : Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate
Learning Style : Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Practical, Interpersonal
Hourly Rate : 30


Gender : None
Subject Specialization(s) : Math 101
Grade : K-8
Learning Style : Visual
Hourly Rate : 20


Gender : Tutor Dudette
Subject Specialization(s) : Economics
Grade : 8-12, Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate
Learning Style : Visual, Auditory, Interpersonal
Hourly Rate : 15


Online Tutoring

Our online tutoring provides students with the best academic support they need to keep academic momentum going.

24/7 Customer Service

We are here to assist you with all your session quality, billing, or general inquiry. When you contact us, you'll always talk to real, friendly representatives who will always have an answer to your questions online.

Easy Remote Payments

Easily save, change or replace your card on file with a click. All payments are verified through our third-party merchant platform, Paddle.

Software Platform

Our online tutoring platform is through TDULTRA, our educational E-Learning Session. Speak, chat, write, and send files online at any time. This system is free and included with your Membership! Ask your tutor!

Digital Learning Resources

You can request powerpoints and record your session at any time on TDULTRA.

Different Learning Styles

At TutorDudes, we provide a service that will accommodate your unique learning style. Whether you are a visual, auditory, kinesthetic, Practical, or interpersonal learner, we have your back!